Aso Nishihara Kumamoto, March 2017

20 Mar

We had a drive again to Mount Aso today. We planned to visit Aso Milk farm where kids could interact with the farm animals. Weather was cold and windy today, it drizzled as well. Though we managed driving to the top (the farm is at tophill), we decided to miss the visit and come again when weather is warmer.

Had no ideas where to go next, we found a small cafe that sells ice cream and fresh milk. It was called Yamada Milk Farm. The milk there was fresh, the soft ice cream was nice too. The cafe was a bit old, and might still recovering from last year earthquake. Kids could see some fury animals there, the goat and the black pigs.

Not far from there we had lunch at small restaurant that gave RV rental. The specialities were handmade beef pizza and Japanese burger with rice. The restaurant name was Aso Maron “something” 😅

I managed to get the area’s map. This area is Aso Nishihara, with some interesting small shops to explore. We defined wish to go back and check more places.



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