Neko Cafe Kumamoto, March 2017

10 Mar

We found this Cat Cafe, in Hotakubo. I am not a big fan of cats, but my son is. He loves animals, and has always asked for getting a dog for family’s pet.

When my husband and him saw advertisement of Cat Cafe in the TV, they really want to go there. I had no idea what actually a cat cafe offered their customers.

So… we eventually went there. The cafe was quite clean and had nice smell. Kids below primary school age are not allowed to go in. They have specific time for small kids, and if I am not mistaken, it is 11-12pm (one hour) only (not sure if it is for all days or only weekends).

The cafe has 30 cats, and they release 15 cats to hang around in the cafe to play with customers each time. While 15 cats are hanging around, the remaining cats stay upstairs to rest.

Some cats don’t bother having people around them and just sleep while some were active and asked for attention. They were all beautiful cats. You can touch and caresse them, but you can’t carry the cats. You can get they toys provided and play with the cats. They gives you lucky dips and if you win, you may carry one of the cat.

For the fee, basically you have to pay minimum fee of 400 yen for 30 minutes playing, and you must order one drink that cost 300-400 yen a glass. So the basic fee for 30minutes hanging out in the cafe is about 700-800 yen. They have other packages for longer play time that comes with drinks and even food.

There three of us during the visit, so I got the basic package. 700yen per pax.

Overall, it was a nice visit. Though my girl was scared and could not move from her seat. My boy was having great time. I had good time too actually. This might be an interesting place to visit and the location should be easy to find.


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