Hitoyoshi Hinamatsuri Festival, 26/03/2017

27 Feb

Brought the kids to see the Hina dolls at Hitoyoshi yesterday. It took us 1 hour and 30 minutes drive.

They were half excited and half complaining as they were worried the drive would be Long. My Husband and I went to this Festival 13 years ago, and I even still keep the picture from this event.

The drive were easier 13 years ago as we didn’t have 2 “going to be” teenagers passengers in the car. Though it is not always easy, communicating with each other during the drive has always been the main purpose of our travels. And again, I have to admit, kids napping during the journey  can be counted as a bless 😅

The journey from Kumamoto to Hitoyoshi passed 22 tunnels, and during this drive my 11 years old observed some of the trees in the mountains were affected by the earthquake/land slides. We talked a bit about their friends in the school too.

Hinamatsuri is one of nice event when you have daughters. That’s one of the reason we wish to show the kids. And Hitoyoshi has always held this event nicely to attract people coming over to see. The Japanese decorate their houses with Hina dolls until March 3rd, and they clean up the decorations right away after that day.





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