Surabaya, Mount Bromo, and Batu, Malang. August 2016.

2 Sep

For those who wish to have idea where to go for their  next family friendly destinations, one that is not far from Singapore, they should try to visit East Java, Indonesia. With one of the main tourist attraction as Mount Bromo, East Java does have its own appeal for visitors, both local and overseas.

We visited three main attractions in East Java last August 2016.

Surabaya, Mount Bromo, and Batu, Malang.

Surabaya is the second biggest city in Indonesia after Jakarta. The city has less traffic jam and nice food. It is also called “Kota Pahlawan”, which means “The Independence City” (I think that’s the correct translation). Silk Air flies from Singapore to Surabaya daily I guess. That was how we reached there.

If you are travelling from Singapore to see the famous Mount Bromo, you have to fly to Surabaya.

From there, you need to rent a car to go to Bromo, which is about 3-3.5 hours driving time. The road up to the hotel at the mountain can be long, but the road was smooth and manageable.

We spent one night for our first day in Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya. (There were many hotels in the city with affordable rates, do check tripadvisor to compare them). Sheraton hotel was attached to the biggest shopping mall in Surabaya, so if you need to buy something from the mall, this hotel might be good option for your family.

On the second day after morning breakfast and some swimming at the hotel, we departed for Mount Bromo. 3-3.5 hours driving time.

We spent one night at Jiwa Jawa Resort in Bromo. Woke up at 230am in the morning to see the sunrise, took horse ride to see Bromo’s crater, move around Bromo, and saw the Savanna.

The whole trip at Bromo cost us about 700,000 Rupiah… around $70 USD I guess.  A whole Jeep for your family for about 8 hours tour trip surrounding Mount Bromo using a Jeep and driver fee. Do remember to give Tip for the driver, we gave him 100,000 Rupiah == about $10.

Back to our hotel to rest, we packed up and drove to the next city, Batu, Malang. Batu boasts for its Jatim Park where they have kids entertainment park and Batu Zoo. We could not visit their Museum Angkot this time because time was limited. We stayed at Singhasari Hotel at Batu, Malang.

There were so many places we could not visit, our 4 days 3 nights was quite packed. But we did enjoy this trip very much 🙂


House of Sampoerna, Surabaya


House of Sampoerna, Surabaya


At Sheraton Hotel, Surabaya


At Submarine Museum,Surabaya


Submarine Museum, Surabaya

Below are the pictures at Jiwa Jawa resort and surrounding Mount Bromo…..

IMG_20160809_160557 IMG_20160809_153215 IMG_20160809_153233IMG_20160810_072511   IMG_20160810_072503    IMG_20160810_081520

Jiwa Jawa Resort at Bromo …..

Singhasari Resort at Batu …..

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