Singapore Art Museum, Imaginarium, 14 may -28 August 2016

28 May

Imaginarium, Over the Ocean, Under the Sea. AsanoyaThis month of May somehow is so hot that you wonder where you can bring your little ones without worrying the heat. I myself love to bring my little ones outdoor but there are time that we as parents, worry about the heat, and decided to choose an indoor play for the weekend. 


When you have three kiddos with different ages and interest, thinking one place that will suit all of them is never been easy. But togetherness is always my family’s goal for the weekend no matter where the place is. Though I must admit, keeping three of them happy all the time without siblings quarrels etc does need lots of patience and energy. The temptation for just give up and pass them our smart phones or tablets are so much easier than talking to them sometimes, lots of times… Though you know that is not the best solution, especially when you have one whole wonderful weekend to spend together.
We decided to go to SAM (the kids section) last weekend. I have been there before with my three years old and was quite impressed that how those small rooms with simple art exhibits gave interactive play for my little one. They were made from recycled materials to be some kind of interactive toys for the children. They were lovely.
My three years old really had great time playing at SAM before, and we finished the day with having lunch at nearby Japanese Bread Cafe, Asanoya.
So, back to the weekend I spent as a family at SAM, all my three buddies enjoyed the temporary exhibiton, Imaginarium, Over the Ocean, Under the Sea.
The exhibit will last from 14 May 2016 – 28 August 2016.
Though this children area is not very big, spending family time here was a nicely spent weekend time for my family.

Things that you might want to take note of,

The museum is not big, interactive play is one of their main purpose for children.
Bigger kids might spend shorter timespan playing inside the place.
Nice cafe is around the area, one of them is the Japanese bread shop, Asanoya.
Affordable tickets rate for foreigners, $10 Entry for Adult, and children who study in Singapore gain Free Entry (Foreigner)
(Singaporeans and Permanent Residents gain Free Entry)
Suits best for 3-5 years old I guess… (Every child varies…)
Go early, opening hour is 10 am, I always like to go early to any places for my family so we will finish seeing all once the crowd starts to gather.
Weekend visit is definitely more crowded than weekdays.
Wish you all a wonderful time at SAM, as me and my kiddos had…
You may check the link here below:
The bread café that I mentioned:
 15 Queen Street, #01-03, Singapore 188537
Tel: (65) 6703 8703

 Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun: 9am – 8pm



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