Our 1st Camping at Batu Tapak, Sukabumi, West Java

24 Feb

This was our first camping experience at Batu Tapak Camping Ground, Sukabumi, West Java. Craving for mountain air and view, we rent a car to bring us there from Jakarta. The drive from Jakarta to Sukabumi was approximately about 3-3.5 hours depend on the traffic condition. The experience was great, people at the Camping ground tried their best to give us the best service. Place was not very luxurious but it was a great place to breathe fresh mountain air and took a hike as this place is close to several Waterfalls

This camping site was near Taman Nasional Halimun Gunung Salak, and they have at least  7 waterfalls  nearby for hiking lovers.

The only tough thing we encountered was that my 3 years old was not feeling well during this trip, and she had difficulty in eating the food provided at the site. Do remember to bring extra food for your little ones. Older kids can enjoy the food at the site as they did have nice canteen although food choice was not much, at least warm white rice and Soto Ayam were always available.

And one more thing, the weather. This trip was done at early February, which means Raining Season. It did rain when we were there. The wind was not strong, I am very thankful for that. And it did cause us being “stuck” with not much things to do. Do bring card games, simple travel board games like scrabble, etc, to entertain your little ones.

We missed doing the camp fire at this night because of the drizzling rain (It was not a big rain, but we decided to skip it for safety reason). They do provide and assist in doing the camp fire at this place.

All this experience will give us better preparation for our next camping trip! The adventure does not end here ^^


Our VIP tent, the closest one to the reception and canteen area


Inside the tent, Kiddos Pillow Fight


Enjoying the view


Surrounding the tent


Moving around


Breathing the fresh air


Walking around



My boy enjoying the view



The next morning, our hike to see the Waterfall



A walk in the forest


Our Foggy Hike inside the forest



Reached The waterfall, Do not forget to bring your swimming and extra clothes to enjoy the water



Water was cold and fresh, dipping inside it is recommended! ^^



Camping site:

Jl. Raya Cangkuang km 12 Cidahu

Javana Spa – Sukabumi

Phone: 087780725576

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