Hazy Days in Singapore, where to go? 1st time Visit to Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

25 Sep


It was a Hazy Day. The Psi level hit above 200 in the morning, and reached 300+ in the evening. My family went out for early breakfast as always. We did not know where to go but we knew for sure that we wished to  spend our day indoor. So there we were, Raffles City Mall for early breakfast, ended up to find that Nam Nam Noodle opened at 8 am for Breakfast! It was a nice surprise! My kids love Vietnamese noodle (Pho) and they love Hot Breakfast.

After Breakfast, we visited the new ‘Hit’ among mums and kids, all the way from the East Coast of Singapore to the Far Far Away NUS. We visited Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Do take note, that the tickets rate for Foreigner and Singapore Permanent Resident/Citizen are different.

Foreigners/Standard Rate

Adult $21

Child (3 years above) $13

Singapore Permanent Resident/Citizen

Adult $16

Child (3 years above) $9

A good feedback I had at one of Mum’s group that mentioned, “She thought that the rate is expensive for foreigners, (because she paid the standard rate when she visited the museum)

The museum is not very big, My 10 years old enjoyed it a lot. But for some parents with smaller age group children, they might want to wait for a while until their kids are bigger for the interests to grow. Even for girls and boys at same age group, you might find that not all of them are interested in Natural History.

Just take it as a weekend getaway….

Please check pictures below ^^

Hope they give you idea where to go this weekend. Especially if you wish to get out of the house but stay indoor.


低い番号じゃなく、PSI 200以上に超えました。こんな日になったら何しようかと思って。。



8じにRaffless City Mallに着きました。 朝ご飯はモールの地下に有るNam Nam Noodle。 A Nice Surprise, Nam Nam opened at 8am to serve Breakfast


朝ご飯は午前8じからサンドイッチ注文出来ます。 Normally these are for Lunch, But this time we had it for Breakfast


朝ご飯午前8じからフォー注文出来ます。Noodles were ready in the morning for your Breakfast Menu


子供達の朝ご飯。ビーフボールのフォー。 エクストラヌードル$S 1.5. My kids love Beefballs, we got $1.5 extra noodles. Totally enough to feed 3 little mouths.


パパの朝ごはん、レモンガラスビーフサンド。アイスコーヒー。 美味しかった。。 My husband order. Could not finish everything and we brought back half of the sandwich.


ビーフボールヌードルは子供3人分けて、もりもり食べました。Rice Noodles, Beef Balls, Beef Broth.  Finished the noodles with pride!


仲良く二人 Hanging out at the mall at early hour. When there is Haze outside, let’s explore the closed shops and enjoy the atmosphere of being the “Only” Guests in the mall.


9月24日のシンガポールのへーずの日 Sept 24, Singapore Hazy Day. Psi 200++ in the morning


朝の空いてる道 The road was empty in the morning of Hari Raya Haji 2015. Psi 200++


Lee Kong Chian 博物館 Reached Lee Kong Chian Museum, Hugs & Peace


The Dinosaurs skeletons (From the explanation, it seemed that these ones were assembled in US)


鶏の赤ちゃん Little chicks


ワニ Fake Crocodile


博物館の中 Inside the museum


ヘビ Snakes


3人の子供達 10歳の息子は色々な物を見てすごい面白かったって、、The three little ones ^_^ My 10 years old was quite entertained with the museum exhibits. Will bring him again here.


ギフトショップのお菓子コーナー。。Gift Shop Snack corner, just in case your little ones get hungry


コーヒーコーナー Coffee corner at Gift Shop

Nam Nam Noodles Bar

252 North Bridge Road, #B1-46/47

Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 179103

Phone: 6336 0500

Opening Hours: 10am-930pm (last order)

(Just found out that they serve Breakfast, if you go there and they don’t open early, please forgive me, and look for something else to eat)

Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum

Faculty of Science
National University of Singapore
2 Conservatory Drive
Singapore 117377
Tel: +65-6601-3333
Fax: +65-6774-8101


Opening Time:

Monday (except Public Holiday) : Closed

Tue-Sun : 10am – 7pm


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