Girls’ Trip, 2 days 1 night, Jakarta 娘と旅(ジャカルタ、インドネシア)

16 Sep

September 15, 2015.

Hazy days in Singapore…

Wishing for clearer days soon…

2 days 1 night in Jakarta…

Throughout my life, I have never lived in Jakarta. I came from a small town in Sumatra, Bandar Lampung. Nothing fancy there, but we do have nice beaches ^^

Some of my friends had the chance to study and live in Jakarta after they finished their high school. But for me, my mom sent me to Singapore to further my study. So, visiting this city by my own was quite exciting.

Our lives are unique. Everyone has their own story. Filling our days with new exploration each moment is just a treasure. What is interesting for you does not have to be interesting for others. Travelling is like that as well. For some people, they might not be interested in Jakarta, what to see there anyway, with the massive traffic jam. But for me, simple lunch, simple massage, meeting my friends, had already made the trip worth to go ^^

So here we go,

What am I going to do for a day in Jakarta,

Shopping malls? Cheap massages? Pedicures? Spas? Yup, maybe those are some ideas to enjoy the city. Although… due to safety and language barrier, non locals (foreigners) might need to take extra precautions. Plan the trip ahead before you reach the city. Transportation, accommodation, etc.

I myself, do not dare to walk in pedestrian. I mostly depend on families and friends to pick me up from airport and bring me to destinations. My husband might move around easily in Jakarta because he is native, born and raised in Jakarta. But for women and children, do plan ahead to move around this big city.

People takes taxis from airport to move around Jakarta nowadays, although it is not as safe as Singapore, but it is still possible. We have Bluebird Taxis, Silverbird Taxis for the trusted brand. The queue to get these taxis might be the longest because people trust the brand. For alternatives, my family uses Taxiku as well.

Well…. For this trip,

I brought along my 7 years old girl with me. I dropped her at her cousin place, then I hanged out with my girlfriend.

Please see the pictures to have ideas on my trip:


Kemangi Restaurant at Puri Indah Good for Affordable Lunch The “Onion Sambal” was good here    ケマンギ というレストランでランチ食べに行きました。空港から30分ぐらいで、食べ物安くて、色々売ってます。 “ケマンギ はインドネシアのバジルリーブです。ケマンギはインドネシアのチリソースと一緒に食べたら美味しいです。


Reached the restaurant at the perfect Lunch Hour    朝9時の飛行機でジャカルタに着くのちょうどランチ時間でした。^_^


Inside the restaurant レストランの中


Crispy Fried Chicken. The savoury crispy toppings were good. Chicken was “too dry” though..   揚げチキン、周り美味しいけど残念ながらチキンは少しいパサパサでした。


My lunch: Coconut Milk Rice, Fried Chicken, Fried Tempe, Sweet and Sour Soup (Sayur Asam). Drink: Avocado Juice         ランチ: ココナッツミルクのご飯、揚げチキン、揚げテンペ、インドネシアのサワースープ。飲み物はアボカドジュース(^^;;


My 7 years old, complained that the restaurant did not have anything that she liked, we ended up ordering Chicken Noodle from different restaurant. They brought the noodle to our table. (Indonesia’s Style, You can order different place’s food to your table ^^)   ご飯あまり食べたくないので隣のヌードルの店からチキンヌードル頼みました。甘えんぼの7歳の娘。^_^


The Chicken Noodle from different restaurant. The taste was good. インドネシアのチキンヌードル

Then we headed to massage after Lunch:



Nano Health Family at PX Pavilion 2nd floor  ランチの所の近くのマサージ屋さん。ここ、オススメです。安くてゆっくりできました。


My in law picked up my daughter to her place, Me and my girlfriend headed to massage. It was Friday noon, we could not get private room massage, so we took Reflexology. (90 mins for $S 7.5)  90分の服着ままのマサージ、$S 7.5 安くすぎる。。。

What is “Reflexology” ? You can always check Nano Health’s website. I did not know the differences between Reflexology and Normal Massage before, so this one was new to me.

You still wear all your clothes, and the therapist starts to massage your “cleaned” feet. Once they are done with your feet, they massage your shoulders and your back. It was quite relaxing.

In between, you got served with hot Ginger tea (which was really Nice! I love Indonesian Ginger Tea).

Everything was done perfectly in order, so the service was quite comfortable. (Note the price pleazzze, 90 mins treatment for $S 7.5) ^^


The massage place had 10th Birthday Anniversary, they gave us free food and drinks. I was too full to eat the traditional Indonesian cakes. They really looked delicious.   マサージ屋さんは10歳誕生日でした。インドネシアのお菓子ビュッフェ、ミーゴレン、飲み物、無料で頂けました。残念ながら私お腹いっぱいでした。。


This is where you wash your feet before you go ahead for your massage treatment.  マサージのやる前に足洗いました。

Next, I headed for coffee time with my old friends,


Had a nice coffee break with my brother and my old school mates (reunited after 13 years)    13年ぶりの会ってないお友達。コーヒータイム。娘はいとこの所にあつけてもらいました。

We talked and talked and talked. I had 45 minutes Pedicure in between the talk at the Mall. Cost me $S 10 for full pedicure (with color) and $S 4.5 for manicure (with no color). The place was not really nice though, so I can’t recommend you to go there,

Next, Dinner time.

We went to Sate Senayan at Puri Indah (So, basically I hang out at Puri Indah area. Remember, stay in one area if you only have a day to spend. The traffic jam is bad in Jakarta, especially during weekday. You do not want to be spending your time in the road.


Menu book


Menu book


Sate Ayam and Soto Betawi (Indonesian Coconut Milk Beef Soto)


Indonesian Gado Gado (Peanut Sauce Salad)


Tahu Telur

Intermezzo…. My 2nd Day in Jakarta, Breakfast pictures below:


Indonesian Chicken Noodle


Indonesian BeefBalls soup


Pork Blood Soup (^^””


This Noodle Place has Air-Con, and comfortable to bring kids. @PIK area

Sate Khas Senayan

Jl. Puri Indah Raya, Puri Indah Ruko Blok A No.23-25,

Jakarta 11610, Indonesia

Nano Health Family

PX Pavilion Mall – The St Moritz 2nd Floor

Jalan Puri Indah Raya

Jakarta Barat 11610

That’s all, Have a good day ^^




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