Having a puppy ペット屋さん発見

22 Aug


Finished breakfast, head to buying food for my fish, and ended up seeing some pet shops somewhere in Pasir Ris.

My oldest one asked for a puppy. We are considering about it as my no 2 & 3 are afraid of dogs. Maybe a small size one..?

We will need more space at home for a puppy. Kids need to know to take care of it too. I am not a big fan of having a pet. This will be a big decision. We’ll see how it goes in few years time…


Erricson dog farm, very huge dogs’ farm, their dogs were big and a bit loud for my little ones


In front of Puppies’ Kennel. They sell many puppies inside. Not cheap, it can range from $S 1500 – 3800. I did not ask more details.


Saw this van, I think some of dog owners use their services when they are on holiday, etc


Big lawn, for the dogs running around?


Rabbits!!! Cheaper than puppies!! But still, having a pet needs loooong consideration.


Hamsters!!! $S 25 for one. 😊😊


The nice Pet shop assistant let kids touch the bunnies


Ahboy wants puppy, mommy says not yet dear…

Pet Hotel, Pet Kennels, so many puppies kennels

Pasir Ris Farmway 2

Singapore 519317

Phone: (65) 6582 2222 (for Pet Hotel, the kennels for seeing the puppies, rabbits, etc, is just behind the Pet Hotel)


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