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18 Aug

Bollywood Veggies,


メール アドレス

電話の方が楽だけどね。。 ^^






Bollywood Veggies,

A hidden gem of Singapore, located at Kranji countryside. Heard about it, read about it somewhere in the magazine. Planned to visit the place, but kept delaying the idea. Till one day I visited Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, which was nearby, my friend showed me this farm.

The main visit was mainly for lunch, because my group was starving. The workshop and shopping we did at The Pottery Jungle was fun, but there was no eating place there that forced us to find place to eat. Travelling places with kids asks you to be prepared. To be ready in your mind where to go when it is time to eat.

Poison Ivy Bistro

We came with such a big group of people that startled the staffs there. They mentioned that we did not make any reservations. My friend mentioned that she did call before regarding our big group, but unfortunately the bistro did not get the reservation taken. So, please take note, for reservation with big number of people, do write them an email instead of conversation on the phone.

The email:

Thankfully, our visit was during weekday when not so many people visiting the farm. The crowd was lesser, and the outdoor seating area was empty. My whole group took the whole outdoor seatings. I am trying to recall how many people we were. I think my group was about 20-30 persons, inclusive of mothers, primary school kids, and 1-2 toddlers.

The bistro itself do have an aircon seating area, that will be great if you prefer cooler air. We were seated nicely outdoor. Kids were busy talking with each other, moms were busy ordering food. When the food was out, everybody settled down… And the day was just perfect.

These are the pictures from the farm and the bistro (写真)


エントリ$2・一人 The Entry Fee to the Farm, $2.

お土産、アイスクリーム、、 Gift shop, ice cream, handmade bags, etc

Gift shop, ice cream, handmade bags, etc


Couldn’t manage to picture the whole banner. The writing is “Bollywood Veggies”


外の座る場所 Outdoor sitting area


バスケットボール。子供達に人気でした。 The basket ball ring was very useful. Kids played basket ball after lunch. It was fun.


The small coconut tree


本日のメニュー、サツマイモカレーとオーターオムレツ Special of the day, Otah omelette and Sweet Potato Curry. These were….deliciooooouuuus


手作りバナナケーキ、お腹いっぱだったから4人でシェアーした。 Home made Banana Cake…. They served it warm. Reallllllyyyyy Niiiiccceee….


また来るよん。。 See you again 😊

Bolywood Veggies


100 Neo Tew Rd

Singapore 719026 (Kranji)

Phone: 6898 5001

Wed-Fri, opens from 930-630pm

Sat,Sun,Public Holiday, opens 8am-630pm

Closed on Monday & Tuesday, except public holidays


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