Happy 70th Birthday Indonesia…

17 Aug

Happy 70th Birthday Indonesia…

17 August 2015

The country where I was born, where I spent my childhood in simple life. The simple life journey back at home that shaped me to be where I am now.

I am starting the day with making a simple childhood snack that my mom used to teach me and my brother when we were small. I never thought of making it for myself till now. When we have kids, we wish to share how we spent our childhood long before. After all, our childhood plays important part in shaping us to be where we are now.

My memory is not always clear about what happened in the past, but I remembered making this snack in the middle of the night, after dinner time.

Everybody was sitting on the floor, with those wide and huge rattan container on the floor, where we put the “Ondes” (Read: On-dehs) (this is what I call the snack back home).

My mom and our helpers were busy making them. During this time she liked to ask my brother and I to help. She liked to make so much of them, she wanted to share them with our relatives. She was so nice.

During this hour, I remembered how fun it was, how my brother and I, who liked to fight during our childhood, could bond with each other when we made the Ondes. We played and had fun during that Onde’s night.

That was sweet my childhood memory. I am glad I can recall it today and tell the story to my kids.

And, this is what we made today…

tepung onde onde

Starting with the glutinous flour. This brand was good. I bought it from nearby Fairprice supermartket.

Onde onde bungkus


This was my first attempt, so I did not make a lot. Simple and easy, only the glutinuous rice flour and water. Knead them well until the flour is no longer stick into your hand.


Kneading process


The first attempt of making the onde ball.


Small glutinuous balls made by the kids, before boils


The small glutinuous balls will go up and float after 8-9 minutes depending on their sizes. Once they float, they are ready for consumption.


Pouring the balls into ice water. The instructions asked me to do this. I think it helps to make them chewier.


Beautiful Onde (mochi?)


Start kneading the red (pink?) dough


Beautifully kneaded. I do not dare putting more coloring, this is the max I can achieve.


My girl’s creation. Not perfect, but she loved making them.


The red (pink) mocha balls are ready

onde onde merah

This is the red food coloring that I used. I had it in my fridge. My mom bought it from Indonesia. You can use any food coloring you have that you are comfortable with.


Intermezzo…. The ready-to-eat white onde balls. My kids love eating them in Japanese style. With a little bit of Kikkoman soya sauce. Dashi soyu will taste better for this onde/mochi balls.

She loved it!

Asking for more!


The traditional sugar syrup homemade Indonesian “Onde” dessert.

HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY Indonesia…

Keep praying for you as the journey is still so far ahead..

With Love,



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