Breakfast @East Coast

15 Aug

There are so much to love about East Coast, but sometimes I feel I don’t appreciate it enough as I am living so close to it.

My family has been early risers. They wake up at 6-630am every mornings. When I say every mornings, it includes weekends. The only one who does not really like to wake up early during weekend is me.

This is one of the reason we like to go out and venture breakfast spots in weekends. We have our top picks of breakfasts spots, like Marine Parade foodcourt, East Coast Park, Botanical Garden, etc. Singapore has many to offer.

Juggling with kids’ schedules in the weekends, we like to have breakfast nearby, which opens early, and gives kids some space to roam around after their meals.

Today we went to East Coast Park. Reaching there early, before 8am, we always love to go to Teh Tarik Prata House, at Big Splash. They open for 24 hours. The breakfasts menu range from original Prata, cheese Prata, soft boiled eggs, fried bee hoon, etc.

Their teh tarik, ice milo, ice coffee, are huge. Ordering 2 cups of the drinks are enough for family of five. In my case, my little ones usually share the drinks. Though it is getting more difficult these days, because they like to hold their own drinks, but we like to make sure they don’t waste them. We like to teach our little ones to appreciate what they order, and finish their food and drinks accordingly.

Getting up early while the weather is not too hot, when the crowd is lesser, gave us longer time to interact and communicate with each others.

Today we managed to talk about how to say positive things to others, how not to irritate others during talk. As my first and second ones both have different characters, different gender, close age gap, they are both 10 and 7 now, they like to compete during talk and lots of times they fight. Nurturing their minds and hearts has never been easy, but it is really a privilege to see them grow.

To cut my story short for the weekend, I hope everyone have a nice weekend wherever they are, have a good breakfast, enjoy the beautiful Singapore, and let’s wake up early this weekend.



Bring scooters, sand toys, ball, cold drinks if you wish to stay longer in the park to keep the kids occupied.







A plate of prata with a cup of Milo for my 3 yrs old


The Menu from afar


The outdoor eating space that we love


The pond in front of Seafood restaurant nearby


Practising balance with daddy


Turtles at the pond




Enjoying the fishes


So eager to do fishing, but I think it is not allowed.


Scootering around, burn the energy..


More balancing exercise

Mr Teh Tarik (opens 24 hours)

902 East Coast Parkway #01-04/07

Playground @Big Splash

Singapore 449874


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