Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

14 Aug

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

The last two dragon kilns in Singapore

We visited the Kilns during summer holiday 2015.

We formed a group of moms and children, chartered one bus to drive us there, and off we go. The pottery place offered workshop for the kids. It cost $28/kid for 1.5 hrs of workshop. The workshop was fun. One tutor assisted 3-5 kids at a time. As most of kids in our group were primary school kids, assisting them was not difficult. They all could follow the workshop easily and create their art works independently with simple guidance.

While the kids were entertained with the pottery workshop, moms were able to look around to shop the Peranakan Pottery. The amount of Peranakan porcelains sold here was massive. They did not only sell Peranakan porcelains, they also had Chinese, Japanese and Thai porcelains.

What I love about this place:

Love the idea of preserving the culture

Children Exposure to the pottery art

Love the article ” I am Happy ” that is pasted at the wall at the pottery jungle.
Quoting the writer of the article who wrote about the founder, Tan Kim Seh, 61,

Success is something relative. Measured often in terms of power, money, or job satisfaction….
He does not consider himself rich….
Satisfied with his work? Maybe.

The article was nicely written, such an inspiration. I enjoyed reading it. Do visit the place to read it further.

And do check with them first if they cater for single walk-ins for kids workshop.






ワークショップ終わったら近くにあるBolywood Vegetable Farmに行きました。To be continued…


Entrance to the common hall


The article about the founder, Tan Kim Seh


The tunnel inside the kiln


The demonstration of how to make pottery


The entrance to the kiln


Small trinket boxes for sale


Peranakan plates


During the workshop


One of the art kids created


Article from Sunday Times

Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle

85 Lor Tawas

Singapore 639823

Phone: 62686121

Opening hours: 9am-5pm


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