Tokyo, Spring 2013, first stop, Karuizawa Prince Resort

9 Apr








We went to Tokyo on early March 2013. We tried to avoid Japan’s school spring holiday because we knew that most of the children’s public entertainment spots would be crowded during the holiday.
Japan’s Spring school holiday is normally from 15 March to 15 April. So we went to Tokyo a week earlier, which was from 9-16 March.

This holiday, we tried to go to Karuizawa, Nagano, an hour traveling time from Tokyo by bullet train (Shinkansen). We intended to bring our kids for skiing. Skiing in March, yes, it was still possible, in Nagano. (^^)

As the place was easily reached from Tokyo, the trip was wonderfully manageable. The ski resort at Karuizawa was just beside the train station, it was called Karuizawa Prince Ski Resort. The resort had hotel, outlet shopping mall, and ski facilities. In March, Karuizawa had half real snow and half imitation snow. The ski resort was beautiful. Surrounding the resort was the snowy mountain, so the scenery was breathtaking.

Since half of the snow at the resort was imitation, salt was used to prevent the snow from melting. The parts of the field that had salts were harder than normal snow grounds. Falling down at those hard grounds during skiing/snowboarding was definitely painful. Wearing a helmet during skiing/snowboarding was definitely advisable because you do not want to have head injury during skiing/snowboarding.


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