Gunther’s Modern French Restaurant

23 Oct


3コースで、Appetizer,Main,Dessert,Coffee/Tea. $38++。Total Bill、一人$51ぐらい。

全部美味しかったけど、牛肉はそんなに柔らかくないので、肉の好みがある人に他のMainにした法が良かったかも。最近イタリアン料理に良く行ってるので、フレンチ料理とイタリアン料理の違いが分かってきました。フレンチ料理は味薄いですね。イタリアン料理とSpain料理は味が濃いですね。今回行ってた時、人が少なかったのでデザートサービス頂きました。それで、フレンチなのに、お腹いっぱいになりました。良かった ^^


A new challenge for lunch, French. I totally forgot that I had my baby together with me when I decided to have French for lunch with my girlfriend. Sometimes, when you have decided on something, it is not easy to change your decision and switch your brain on different one. That’s me, especially when it comes for food.

Making a call to Gunther’s, and asked them if they accepted customer with baby, the lady on the phone chuckled a bit. They normally don’t accept children below 7 years old, but on Mondays, the lunch seemed not very busy, so they accepted my reservation. It was not that I was dying to eat French yesterday, but it was just…I didn’t like to change my choice at the very last minute.

Gunther served Modern French Cuisine. Their Business Set Lunch cost $38++,  came with a starter, a main dish, and dessert. There were 3 options for both starter and main, and one type of dessert with coffee or tea.They did not serve tap water, only sparkling water or Evian. Homemade bread and butter were included, so when you came with empty stomach, rest assured, the bread could fill you up


My appetizer, Foie Gra Ravioli, quite filling.

My choice of Main Dish, Grilled Striploin, I asked it to be grilled Medium Rare. The meat was a bit too chewy, I wonder what kind of beef they are serving here. This is the only part of the course that needs to be improved, they need to serve tenderer beef in the future.

Dessert was excellent, the chocolate mousse was quite nice.

Coffee was nice too.

Complimentary desserts from the kitchen, they were wonderful.


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