The Fat Cow, Japanese restaurant, at Camden Medical Centre

1 Oct

今日娘の歯医者の後、昼ご飯。同じビルにある日本料理屋さん、The Fat Cowというレストランに食べに行きました。子供連れて行って食べられる物がだいたい決まってるので和食かパスタ。娘は歯医者頑張ったので良いご飯食べらせてあげるぞ!高そうなレストランで先にランチセットあるかどうか確認して、$25ぐらいセットがあるので、良いランチ食べたい気分だし、ささっと予約して、あそこで食べるのを決めました。子供は和食といえば白ご飯とみそ汁あれば食べられるでしょう。他の良いものはママの分ですね。。 ^^


和牛FoieGrasのセットは$42++ぐらい。娘にちょこっとFoieGras食べさせました。ちょこっとね ^^

We had Japanese lunch today. Treating my daughter after a tough dentist visit. A good meal, a high quality Japanese rice, she deserved it.

The restaurant was at Camden Medical Centre, who on earth will specially go to Camden for having a lunch? Anyway, we did not plan to eat there, but having a Japanese food for lunch has always been my daughter’s favorite choice. The restaurant’s name was The Fat Cow, and they serve Japanese food. They serve Wagyu as their speciality. So I ordered Wagyu Foie Gra Donburi set.

The restaurant was small, classy, and secluded. The customers were only my table and another two customers at another table. It seemed that not so many people knew this place. Again, for having such a classy and great restaurant so secluded inside a medical centre, what a pity.

Service was pleasant (I wonder whether bringing my friend, who was a Japanese, added on to that good service. Or, it might have been those comments at which stated that this place has high-priced food but “not so nice” service that makes them improve their quality of service.

They gave us a separated seating place from other customers to eat our food peacefully, because I was quite occupied with a four years old and an infant. I do appreciate that. Having a friendly welcome, a good service, in any restaurants, especially when you are with kids and wish to enjoy a  “nicer” food, other than your own kitchen, does give a certain satisfaction in its own way.

So will I patron this place again next time? Yes, I think so. 🙂 especially when my kids’ dentist is upstairs from this restaurant.

The restaurant outlook (FC is for Fat Cow)

Lunch Set menu ranges from $25-$50. Their set comes with white rice, miso soup, salad, chawan mushi, salad, and dessert.

Inside the restaurant

The salad, chawan mushi, and miso soup

Wagyu and Foie Gra donburi (rice bowl) set – in teriyaki sauce

My daughter ate the teriyaki Foie Gra with rice. She is a very picky eater, and she loves fine cuisine. I had to fight the foie gra with her to the very last bite.

The Japanese white rice, $3/bowl. Nice rice.

Hockey Pockey Ice cream, that’s what they call it. Vanilla Ice Cream with caramel. I think this was homemade.


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