Sentosa Busker Festival 2012

8 Sep

Celebrating Sentosa’s 40th Birthday, we checked out its celebration tonight. Sentosa presented Sentosa Buskers Festival 2012, filled with free acrobatic comedy shows suitable for both adults and children, and the awesome Merlion video mapping.

The festival ended today, 8 September 2012. But the Merlion video mapping will still be there until tomorrow, Sunday, 9 September 2012. The video mapping is on at 830, 930, and 1030pm.

We enjoyed the video mapping very much. The free acrobatic comedy shows were very entertaining as well. I had the information when one of my facebook friend uploaded a video clip of the Merlion video mapping. We did not plan much to go, but I was glad that we did go. The weather was good as well, which I believe plays quite important part for the busker festival to run smoothly.

Singapore Buskers Festival was awesome! Something you don’t want to miss if you are around Singapore when it is held!

今日行こうかな、行かなくても良いかな。。迷ってて、結局行って見ました。セントーサBuskers Festival. 毎年9月にやってるらしいです。

Buskers Festival というのは、色々な国のアクロバチック、コメディのパフォーマンスです。アメリカ、ペル、チリ、イギリスからシンガポールに来て、ショーやってました。皆それぞれ面白かったです。ただだし。

このFestivalは午後4時から930まででした。 パフォーマンスだけじゃなく、も一つ面白かったのはMerlion Video Mapping (The Grand Finale) 明日9月9日までまだやってるので,時間は午後830,930,1030です。





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