Forlino, at One Fullerton

5 Sep

August summer break has just ended and some moms decided to have a fine lunch on a fine wednesday afternoon. Choosing a place can be a hassle but there is always a place on the screen that catches your eyes so quickly that makes you decide on that very moment to just grab your phone and make a reservation. Especially when it comes to food, my eyes coorporate quite well. 🙂

I made this random pick for today’s lunch. And I picked Forlino, Italian restaurant, at One Fullerton.

They serve a 45 minutes express lunch, which is not literraly meant that they will kick you out from the restaurant if you don’t finish your food in 45 minutes, but, the express time was meant for those working professionals who have to go back to their offices quickly after lunch. They will make the food faster to accomodate the time. So, the luxury was ours, some ladies who could spend more than 45 minutes for lunch, who enjoy the lunch with some talk, and talk, and talk, till our jaws drop.

The lunch set cost $38++, but each of us spent $65/person eventually because we opened a bottle of wine to share together.

The set lunch comes with appetizer (with the choice of duck breasts on top of a crepe filled with cheese accompanied with some arugula leaves, or, 7 kinds of red vegetable soup). I chose the duck breasts.

The main dish, slow roast pork bellies, or, pasta with mushrooms and cheese. I chose the pasta.

Dessert comes with coffee or tea. Which is nice. I always appreciate restaurants who give complimentary coffee or tea for their desserts. If they give more choices of tea, it is even better.

Service was nice and pleasant, which I hope they continue keeping the standard. The Japanese chef came out to greet everyone. Italian food cooked by Japanese chef has always been my favorite. Asian fusion in Italian food.


Forlino、@One Fullerton, 場所がきれいで、MerlionとMarina Bay Sands見えます。セットランチ$38++で、1Appetizer, 1Main Course, 1Dessert, Coffee/Tea. ワイン入れたらけっきょく$65ぐらい払いました。


Sparkling water was served at the beginning, which I guess it’s part of table service. One bottle of Saint Geron sparkling water cost $9.50

Home made bread and shaved cheese were complimentary

The view from the restaurant


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