Enoteca L’operetta

18 Jul


Enoteca L’operreta. 日本人Chefが作ってるイタリア料理。私はイタリア料理そんなに分からないのでこの世界中にフランス料理が一番美味しいかと思いました。あまりフランス料理食べてませんけど。高いくて少ないし。子供連れて行けないし。




Enoteca L’Operetta

78,79 Boat Quay Singapore 049866

Tel: 6438-2482

2 months passed so quickly after I gave birth. I have confined myself for a good 6 weeks time, and now it’s time to go out adventuring Singapore again.

I had been food lover for quite a while. Good food, wonderful company, they make a great pair.

This blog was supposed to be a travel blog, but with my three little kids around, I am thinking to change this blog to be a food blog or else a family blog, or both. ^^

A wonderful friend of mine has bought me to two great places recently and I wish to share these wonderful eating places.

Today I went to Enoteca l’operetta at Boat Quay. I had their weekday set lunch, $38++/pax, with a salad, one appetizer, one main dish, a dessert with a cup of coffee or tea. Their Italian food, cooked by a Japanese chef, with really good volume, worth every cents of your money, was really DELICIOUS!

The salad with homemade dressing and perfectly selected fresh vegetables was superb, awesome.

The scallop appetizer with tomato and mushroom was juicy and tasty. Wonderful.

The main dish, I chose Veal this time, was good, quite a volume, really made me full

The dessert was fantastic. Great pair with a cup of coffee or tea (which comes with the set lunch)

Lunch Set $38++

I would definetely come back to this place.



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