Tott Kitchen Store Singapore

17 Jul

2ヶ月前、Tott キチン行って来ました。ずっと行きたくて、やっと息子の誕生日に、ある5月の土曜日に、Tottに行きました。シンガポールの西の方にあって、場所はそんなに大きくなかったです。でもまだ新しい店なので、皆あまり知らなくて、土曜日でも店がすごく空いてました。私がキチンクラスに参加しながら、だんなさんと家の子達はクッキークラス参加しました。

色んなかわいいキチンの物売ってあって、値段安いし、Tottキチン好きです。 ^^

It was two months ago when I joined Tott’s cooking class organized by Her World Magazine. I had been longing to visit Tott after my girlfriends visited the place and shopped many unique kitchen stuffs there. They said Tott is another version of IKEA with more fashionable kitchen gadgets.

To my surprise, it was not as big as IKEA but it was a more pleasant place for spending time in looking for unique and artistic kitchen goods. The shop had less visitors, which is really wonderful for me as I hate crowds, a small canteen, which was unfortunately more expensive and less choice of food compared with IKEA, a small kitchen for cooking classes, and a small cookies workshop for children.

That Saturday was a wonderful first visit to Tott. My kids bought cute children cutleries, and spent time making cookies at the cookie workshop.

Making Cookies

Kids enjoying cookies making at Tott. Everyone can buy a box of cookies dough, cut the cookies into different shapes, and bake them. We can bring home the baked cookies. They come in many flavors to choose, like chocolate, strawberry, etc. The smallest box cost $12, with enough cookies for two little kids to share.

4 pieces of children cutleries ($S8)

Tott Kitchen Store website:


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