Mother’s Day @ Grand Shanghai

15 May

先週母の日、5月13日、Grand Shanghai,中華料理に連れて行ってくれました。ずっと前から行きたかったのでやっと今回行って来ました。Grand ShanghaiはGrand Copthorne Waterfront Hotelにあります。住所は  392 Havelock Road , Singapore 169663 .

A little treat for me on Mother’s Day. Hubby brought me to Grand Shanghai Chinese Restaurant at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel. We had been wanted to visit this restaurant, but since we are not familiar with Shanghanesse food, we wonder what food they serve. It turned out to be normal Chinese food, with some dimsum menus for lunch. The restaurant was big with nice red decorations. I heard they have live music during dinner. 🙂

Service was alright. We were quite happy to have a nice sofa table for our lunch though we did not make early reservation. Mother’s day was a busy lunch but yet they gave us good service.

Shanghai Fried Rice ホタテとインゲン入ってる。まーまー美味しい。

Shanghai fried rice has cut french beans and scallops. It was nice, but not so special.


Siumai was fresh and good.

店のお勧め、Crispy Duck. ソースつけてパオの中に入れるという食べ方。Duck の肉はかんそうすぎて、残念ながら私はこの料理好きではありません。今度Peking Duckにしようと思います。

One of the recommended dish, Crispy Duck. Unfortunately it was too dry for me. I expected duck meat to be juicy, and only the skin to be crispy. Will order Peking Duck instead for my next visit.

Hubby put duck’s meat and sauce into the pao.

8 Pieces of Dumplings. 中みは4種類でふかひれも入ってるし、このXiaoLongBaoは美味しかった。色が入ってたので最小に見た時おどろきました。

The colorful XiaoLongBao was nice. Kids were surprised with the colors. They wished for the normal white xiaolongbaos. 🙂 But these dumplings were juicy, and had bit sharkfins inside. Worth a try.


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