Tokyo Day 3, Kawaguchiko

6 Jan

We took 1 day city tour from Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko by Hato Bus. It is a quite recognized tour company specialized in city tours around Tokyo. It was very comfortable as kawaguchiko was not very far from the center of Tokyo, about 1 hour 50 minutes travel. Traffic was smooth, and most importantly, weather was great. Good weather is important because one of the main purpose of this tour was to see the view of Mount Fuji.

Kids taking picture in front of the bus. The sun was glaring, both of them had to close their eyes.


First stop of the tour, Sasaichi Sake Factory. We drank samples of many types of sake, nice ones. Apart from sakes, they sold snacks for souvenirs too.



Inside the sake/snack/souvenirs shop.



In front of the shop. There was a giant horse statue. Kids loved taking picture in front of it.



Surrounding the sake shop



Second stop. A place with 8 small beautiful ponds. This place was really relaxing. Kids could feed fishes in every ponds. The water was very clear and beautiful.


Kailie fed the fishes with some fish food (1 pack fish food for 100 Yen)



Though it was a cold day, she still asked for Ice cream…寒いのにアイスクリーム食べたいって


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