Tokyo, December 2011, Day 1

5 Jan

Our winter vacation on December 2011. The theme of Changi Airport was Angry Bird. Kids were playing around the Angry Bird stand while waiting for entering the immigration area.

今年の冬休み、2011年12月。 チャンギ空港のテーマはアングリバードでした。

We arrived at Haneda Airport, Tokyo, around 530 in the morning. we felt the cold breeze once we went out from the plane. Kids were prepared in their winter jackets. We took pictures before entering the arrival area.


Arrived at hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was 7am in the morning. We could not enter our room till 12 noon. Most of us did not have enough sleep in the plane, we fell asleep while waiting in the lobby. We could have gone out to look around, but weather was very cold, we did not dare to step out of the hotel.


Worried if kids were hungry, we tried Japanese breakfast set at hotel, cost about 2600 Yen/set. A bit expensive..


After resting for a while in the room, we finally took a walk around the hotel. We found a noodle restaurant, and had some udon there.

午後3時 にやっとホテルから出られて近くのうどん屋さんでランチ食べました。

Took some walk around Shinjuku and had some pictures. 🙂



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