Local Food Recipe 1

16 Dec




A new hobby of mine, cooking lessons. This time is some Chinese recipes. Fried Black Pomfret with Lily Flowers, Stir Fry Sugar peas with Shiitake, and Garlic Noodle.


For Black Pomfret dish: 1 Black Pomfret, Medium size to serve 3-4 people, some Dry lily Flowers soaked in water for 15-20 minutes, Preserved Soy Beans (Tauco)

The Fish is washed, inner parts are cleaned and thrown away. Put some salt into the inner part of the fish and surrounding its body.


Cut the hard parts of the lily flowers and cut the remainings in halves that we will use to cook.


The Fish is fried with some oil, not fully deep fried, only half covered in oil. Once the bottom side is fully fried/cooked, you can turn it over to fry the other side.


Once both sides are fully fried (don’t fry it too long, the meat will be harder to eat), you can take the fish out of the frying pan and put it onto a plate. Use the remaining oil, you can take out some oil if you put a lot before, then you can stir fry the Lily Flowers.


Put abut 200 mL of water to steam both the fish and Lily flowers together with the preserved soy beans.

When the water is about to be gone, the dish is ready.





Since sugar peas are taking longer time to cook, we boiled them for a short time. Not to overcook them. We took them out from the boiling water while the color was still nicely green.


 For stir fry dishes, we always stir fry a bit of garlic first before putting other ingredients. After garlic, put shiitake, sugar peas, stir them for a while, put oyster sauce, a bit of soya sauce, off the fire, then you get your dish.



材料:にんにくとHongkong Style Noodle (卵めん)


Cut garlic into small pieces, stir fry them with a bit of oil, once the fragrant smell comes out, put them into a bowl. This garlic will be served on the top of the noodle.


Boil the noodles


Put the noodles into single serve bowls, put garlic on top of it, put hot water into the noddle so it won’t stick together.


This garlic noodle serves as the exchange of rice.

Lunch is ready ^^


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