Angry Bird Birthday Party, anyone ? ^^

13 Sep

友達のお子さんが”Angry Bird” 誕生日パーティほしいと言ってまして、友達がその誕生日パーティ作ってあげました。何よりもお母さんの愛こめて頑張り家庭で作ってるパーティはすばらしい物です。

What will you do when your kid asks you to make him/her an “Angry Bird” birthday party?

My friend’s kid asked her that, and she made him one 🙂

The Birthday Cake

てずくりケーキ”Angry Bird”の形はマルジパンで作ってあってお子さんと一緒に作ったりしたんだって。。

The Homemade “Angry Bird” Birthday cake.

 The figurines are made of Marzipan. She made them together with her 5 year old boy.

“Angry Bird” Game, 箱集めて良いゲームじゃないですか。。

Collect all used boxes you can find, and let the children do the rest!  It’s Angry Bird’s Birthday game!! ^^


Collect all the silly things you can find! Kids love being silly!

No need to spend hundred dollars with the magicians and entertainers

(though it is good to hire them once a while, I am not against party entertainers.. 🙂

I am giving you  One Big Party Hint here.

Though sometimes it is CHALLENGING to invite big kids to your house, but this time around they are just a NATURAL party ENTERTAINER.

There were 1-2 big boys attended the party (age around 9-10 years old, I guess). My friend let them take charge during the Party Game, and AMAZINGLY, all the small kids follow the game rules so obediently! Moms can relax, sip some drinks and just WATCH from the side! I just remember how we, parents, try So HARD, to get children’s attention during this kind of games. Parents end up being exhausted to entertain the children. So remember, next time you plan a party for your child, INVITE 1-2 BIG KIDS! (though I can’t guarantee if same result happen exactly the same in all parties)  ^^

パーティの時に大きい子供達もいてゲームするときがすごき助かりました。やっぱりお母さんがゲームコーチになるより大きい子達がコーチになった方が子供達がルールを聞く。なのでAngry Birdゲームやるときにママ達は周りから見て飲み物飲みながらおしゃべりできました。よかったね。。 ^^


ピニャタ Pinata


 6キロぐらいサーモン オリブオイル、塩、ディッル ソース:マッスタードソース

6 kgs Salmon, marinated with Olive Oil, Dills, Salt and Pepper.

It was put  in the refrigerator for 2 days before serving on the actual day.

The sauce: Homemade Sweet Mustard sauce


  子供大好きなにぎり。かにかま、たまご、かっぱ巻き ^^

Children’s favourites: Crab roll, Egg roll, Cucumber roll


  Some sips for dads and moms

So, What comes next…


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